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We work for a world where your loved ones are safe on the roads we offer affordable and scalable products that will become the eyes of the millions.

Products & Services

Interior Monitoring

Büyütech’s Interior Monitoring Systems products offer enhanced safety by tracking both the driver and the occupants. Interior monitoring solutions are critical to meeting the regulatory standards in the near future and will also be a crucial component while moving toward autonomous driving.

Driver Monitoring System

Until Level 5 autonomous driving becomes a reality, we better monitor our drivers for comfort and safety!

Occupant Monitoring System

Occupant Monitoring System (OMS) is a critical feature in today's vehicles and will continue to be more important as part of autonomy.

Exterior Monitoring

Our software architecture is designed to assuring the best driving experience with a “human first” focus. Büyütech’s camera solutions monitor the exterior of a vehicle to prevent accidents. The system generates instant responses to any unexpected situations like road pit, animal/human emergence, or any obstacles that shouldn’t be there.

ADAS Camera

Until Level 5 autonomous driving becomes a reality, we better monitor our drivers for comfort and safety!

Side Mirror

Side mirrors are an important safety feature for increased rear and blind-spot visibility
in large vehicles.

Rear View
View Cameras

Our rear view and surround view cameras, increase the field of view for the driver.

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We are the pioneers in solving the most significant barrier to autonomous driving with our innovative camera solutions. Our passive-only perception technologies are making roads safer today, with a vision of democratizing autonomy for everyone.Combining technological expertise, automotive sector know-how, and startup agility, Büyütech is the leading force in the industry. Our automotive-grade camera production plant in Turkey is the first of its kind.

Join us on our journey to the future of mobility.