We are looking for talented and passionate people who are excited by the challenge of developing digital frontiers.

Working at Büyütech

Our company values the diversity of perspectives, and each individual has unique strengths to offer, both in software and hardware. With so many talented people in our company, we encourage everyone to explore and work across departments to avoid feeling stuck in one area. We prioritize active listening and collaboration among all departments to ensure we make the best decisions for our projects.

Our Values


We are not afraid of making mistakes, we support each other as a team, we always do better, we do work without mistakes.

Step up to the plate

At Büyütech, every job is our job. We are involved in every area we can contribute, if we notice a problem, we work to solve it, we strive to get better.


We trust each other, we do what we do best, our customers and business partners trust our structure, transparency and what we will do.


We are experts in what we do. As Büyütech, we always continue to develop ourselves in a versatile way, we never stop learning the latest technologies.


Respecting each other, the environment, our business partners and our customers is at the core of our existence.


While Büyütech shapes its team, the team shapes Büyütech as well. Our team and culture are at the heart of everything we do.


We always inquire, try to find the best, and improve together by giving the right feedback.