We lead the way.

Redefining automotive standards with visionary camera tech

About Büyütech

We are the pioneers in solving the most significant barrier to autonomous driving with our innovative camera solutions. Our passive-only perception technologies are making roads safer today, with a vision of democratizing autonomy for everyone. Combining technological expertise, automotive sector know-how, and startup agility, Büyütech is the leading force in the industry. Our automotive-grade camera production plant in Turkey is the first of its kind.

Join us on our journey to the future of mobility.

At Büyütech, we believe in creating a work environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth. Our multidisciplinary team works on future technologies to be the eyes of the vehicles to ensure enhanced road safety and save lives. We strive to develop and manufacture high-quality perception solutions to prepare our customers for the future.

Our Quality, Environment & OHS Policy

Within the expectations of our customers and stakeholders, we guarantee to create and design products to help automobiles perceive the world, manage risks and opportunities by following new technologies, and maintain efficient and effective quality management systems and processes.

We promise to innovate, develop and improve our practices consistently.To make our basic principles a reality, we promise to:

Create and continuously improve a management system structure by examining local and national regulations, specific customer demands, and Quality & Environment & Occupational Health and Safety conditions,Manufacture our products and services with the highest possible efficiency and productivity in line with our customer-oriented management approach, by communicating with our customers comprehensively,Carry out activities to increase adoption of our quality management system by our staff & interested parties, and to raise awareness to complete their tasks on time and with good quality,

Take the necessary actions to prevent climate change, ensure that a clean and healthy environment is passed on to future generations,Use natural resources efficiently, reduce and separate the wastes at source, and manage activities of recycling and circulation,Perform actions aimed at achieving the sustainable goal of “Zero Occupational Accidents and Diseases” by continuously improving our Occupational Health and Safety policy with the participation of our employees and stakeholders within all levels of our organization,Scale down our risks to acceptable risk level by conducting risk assessments and working on how to eliminate excess risks with the participation of our employees,Commit excessive efforts to create a safe, clean, and healthy working environment for our employees to help them lead happy life with their families.